Life is booming and fading...

Hello everybody. It's nice to see you again. How have you been? From my part, I'm amazing, living a life and enjoying every moment of it. I found a job, now I'm working full time, I have my own money and I'm saving a lot. I'm still in a relationship with N. My life is booming while my mothers is slowly fading. She has a severe cancer on her lungs. Her condition is really serious. When it comes to my moving out of country, it happens that I will get the opportunity to do that soon. In a couple of weeks, if I get a job offer which will make me to move out of country. The offer is amazing, but I still have four major reasons why not to go. 1. My mother 2. N. and our relationship 3. People and life in my original country. 4. The University and finishing my education somehow While the list for reasons why should I go is way bigger and more interesting. I need to rethink it really hard and make a decision. When I get the offer, I have like 4 months to rethink it and to gi

Photo of the Day: Reading

I won't write about anything special, I will just try to start a group of posts called "Photo of the Day". This is today's photo. I feel a lack of inspiration to write something interesting so I want to bring closer to you a part of my life, through pictures. Hope you'll enjoy. The picture represents my boredom when I decided to make a break from studying for today. I'm reading a book by a Hungarian author about happenings in 18th century. I'm lately kinda obsessed  with the writer. That's all for today, enjoy and thanks for reading. B

What happened with my studies?

To be honest, I decided my study field very hasty. When I was at the end of my high school, I was lost and I didn’t know what I will do with my life. Then I thought about computers, because I’ve always loved them and I always wanted to do something with my websites I had back then (the blog is one of them ), and I was very interested in programming in my senior year. But… to apply for any department that has computer science as a program, you need to take an exam with mathematics in it. I hated mathematics, and I still do, so I left that aside. It left an unbearable pain in my heart, because I still love computers and I learned a lot on my own, but I’m not that professional and official as I would have been if I had enrolled for some computer science program. The time was running short, and I thought - ‘oh, what the heck, I will go with my second love – literature… And why not learn some new language in the process?’ Simply, there wasn’t time to prepare mathematic exam, even if I wa

Joy and Strawberries

Recently, I've been investigating a YouTube partnership program and I noticed that a lot of people are blogging, video-blogging to be precise, and they are making money out of it. The key is to have an original content to attract visitor and Google Ads will do the rest. And the best of all them is Ray William Johnson. He holds an YouTube channel called " Equals three " and has an online business where he reviews viral videos. It's interesting and his jokes are funny, when you understand his humor, and until a while, he was the most subscribed person on YouTube. I love him. I will try to talk more about him in the future, he was involved in some feud with his former studio. Basically, I started doing all this digging because as a big The Amazing Race (TAR) fan I found out that two v-bloggers will be in upcoming season of TAR, Joey Graceffa and Strawberry17 , or Meghan something-something (she's soooo sweet and cute). I can’t wait to see if they will blog dur

Stay tuned... 2013 is coming

Hey everybody. :)   How are you? I’m bit in pain because I had my nose done. I had some problem with breathing (and yes, with snoring :P) and I finally, after three years of making myself do it, I went to hospital one day few months ago, got examined and I finished with having a surgery on Friday, the 28th of December. I feel amazing and relaxed, I still can’t breathe through my nose, but I will take the bandages off on Thursday and I can’t wait to see how everything went. No pain, no gain, right?   Let's review the year 2012 and the past few months...     

Budapest - part 2012

Hey. I successfully applied for scholarship and I got one. I'm now senior year and I started my classes two weeks ago and I was very busy past few months, like crazy-busy. I'm still with N. and I'm very happy :), we even said "I love you" part. I'm spending like 4 out of 7 days a week at his place and I can't explain in simple words how I feel...  He's amazing, comforting, smart, adoring, super hot and so on. I got totally used to him and after almost 9 months of beautiful relationship I can say that we are really close now and true couple. I will try to talk more about him later. (just for the record, I'm typing this from his computer while he's taking a shower... I'm spending night here cause the train to Budapest is tomorrow early early in the morning. He even kinda said 'hi' to "my readers" even though I didn't gave him a link for the blog, but he knows and respects my privacy. I told you he's ama

My crappy writing

Rereading my blog, I noticed that I repeat myself constantly and that I don't think too much when I write; I just write. Which is wrong. I'm not a good writer and some posts sound so fucking pathetic. Since this moment, I will try to improve my writing and to become more dedicated to writing than ever. I even thought about deleting all the previous posts and start over, but I will lose precious past records, so I will just start new ones and pay less attention to my stupid old nonsense posts before. That's all. Nothing special in my life, I'm still stuck with exams, so I didn't have time to live properly, and I will update later. I'm chasing scholarship and I will be probably getting back to Budapest and maybe visiting Berlin for the first time in some future period. But I will tell you more about it when I know something more for sure. Thanks for reading and for putting up with me all this time. B.